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  • Protects against theft and unwanted access

       Leave and arrive home with protected property. Wrapping your bags deters theft and crime.


  • Prevents packed luggage from breaking open

       Packing up everything for your flight can be difficult. Not to mention the impact of shopping! We can help.


  • Peace of mind will be added by arriving at the airport prepared (wrapped, weighed, etc.)

       You will be appropriately packed and avoid costly overweight bag fees and other packing problems.


  • Protects your luggage from damage by airport handling and transit

       Nearly 45 million passangers transit through McCarran Airport every year. That's a lot of baggage tossing and traffic.  


  • Provides one less thing to worry about while going through airport departure protocol (there is no wrapping service in McCarran/Las Vegas)

       McCarran International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the USA and World. Arrive for your departure prepared!


  • Prolongs the life of your luggage and protect valuables

       It is wise to prepare and protect all of your property.


  • Protects your luggage from inclement weather, stains, mis-handling, and wear and tear


  • Previously damaged luggage will be sealed for temporary use and security


  • Packed items that are fragile or loose such as golf clubs, tents, boxes, toys, gifts, and other items will be held securely together with added protection


  • Purely simple, fast, and convenient service


  • Protection and solutions for additional concerns are also available 

Wrap and Protect

Arrive Prepared and Organized

Know the Risks of Unprotected Luggage

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