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Arrive and depart for your flight with peace of mind

Baggage Protect provides exclusive luggage wrapping services for McCarran International Airport and Las Vegas travelers. Luggage wrapping is a proven global practice for luggage safety. We recognize the value of providing excellent service for all of our worldwide travelers. We look forward to providing added security and satisfaction for every traveler we assist. 

With TrueSecure collaboration, we use a wrap that distinguishes itself from others by its patented adhesive film that is tamper proof yet gentle on luggage and environment. This leading edge film wrap is simply superior to traditional stretch film. It is specifically formulated for luggage and air travel and has been internationally tested! - TSA compliant.

There is no baggage wrapping company in McCarran Airport! Baggage Protect implements travel solutions so that you can focus on more important things upon airport arrival. We understand your concerns and wish you safe travel!

Services Offered


Baggage Wrap


Weigh Luggage


Locks & Various Item Wraps


Individual and Groups


Mobility to You


Multilingual Staff (portugues, espanol, english)


Additional Pre-departure Solutions


Complete Departure Assistance


TrueSecure Commerce








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